Historic sights

Monferrato a land rich in precious historic memories and picturesque panoramic views, is especially important for agricolture and the production of valuable wines.

This is why in a land so rich in grapes a Distillery began in 1908, still maintaining today, with its long history, a particular charm.

The history of Grappa

The origin of this distilled beverage is lost in the mists of medieval times.

It certainly must have begun in northern Italian regions with very cold winters; discussions on its birth come down to a contest between the Veneto and Friulan Piedmont.

It should be noted that this distilled beverage was long used exclusively for medicinal purposes and was seen on tables only in the 16th century.

It was used broadly also as a medicine for children and in the periods of plague was described by Manzoni as administered in massive doses, keeping the Monatti constantly intoxicated.

Tradition considers it a strong liquor for the very poor and much connected with the land; it became the companion of Alpine mountain climbers.

Today, no longer changing the taste and lifestyle, it tends to be a softer product, considered a dessert liqueur.

The term GRAPPAis strictly reserved for the distilled
marc beverage produced in Italy; other nations may
only use the term Acquavita marc or distilled marc